Rigging Configurations

The TerrAdaptor Tripod is loaded with features and tools to quickly and efficiently rig this unique high directional anchor.


The Main Attachment Point
The main load bearing attachment point on the TerrAdaptor is a two position yoke located at the bottom of the main head. Items are attached to the head with the use of the Main Attachment Pin, which is a quick release ball lock pin.
Lash Ring
The TerrAdaptor Lash Ring is designed to provide multiple attach points for stabilizing the tripod. Each TerrAdaptor tripod comes with 2 lash rings and additional accessory lash rings are available for purchase, if desired. Lash rings can be installed in any position, in any quantity and in any orientation along the perf tubes (small diameter leg). For lighter loads, especially in a MonoPod configuration, the lash ring may serve as an auxiliary main attachment point.
Leg Hobbles are an important structural element for the TerrAdaptor. The Rope Hobble provided with each TerrAdaptor is light, versatile, and much easier to use than a standard chain hobble. The rope and prusik cord used in the hobble is specially designed for low stretch and high strength.
Load Locking Head Pins
Entirely unique to the TerrAdaptor is the ability to adjust the head angle in multiple directions. This allows the head to remain level even when the terrain is not.
Leg Tube Connections
The height of the TerrAdaptor is easily adjusted by means of telescoping leg sections. Adjustment holes in small diameter leg sections (referred to as Perf Tubes) are labeled 1 through 9 and adjustment holes for the larger diameter mid section tubes (Mid Tubes) are labeled X and Y. Leg connections and connections to various accessories are made by sliding the small diameter perf tube into the large diameter mid tube or other components and securing the connection with a Leg Coupling Pin. Leg coupling pins provide a secure connection when the pin is fully inserted and the bail is properly secured.